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Coming soon......... Popcornaa (Manx Popcorn)

Coming soon......... Popcornaa (Manx Popcorn)

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At Pop Cornaa we love our popcorn and the joy it brings to both young and old. We wanted to create new and exciting flavours that appeal to foodies that are looking for something unique and fun.

For the more adventurous, we have Asian inspired bursts of flavour that would appeal to those seeking next level food experiences.

Our business is built on provenance and sustainability and what better place to operate than from a UNESCO Biosphere Island. Reducing food miles and food traceability was the main driver and resonated with our social corporate responsibilities as a brand. You can really “Taste the Manx Magic” in our gourmet popcorn that is made from free roaming, grass fed cows of the Isle of Man.

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